Monday, June 6, 2011


overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited: The award winner was in an ebullient mood at the dinner in her honor.
bubbling up like a boiling liquid.

Here are the reasons why the word applies to my mood today:

  1. The day is incredibly gorgeous. Sunny and warm with fluffy clouds and just the wisp of a breeze. 
  2. I saw tons of ducklings and goslings in the park. Do you want to make me giggle like a fool when there's no one else around? Send a family of stumbling chicks across my path.
  3. I sat on a bench and watched a couple of noisy frogs having breakfast. Well, I was hoping they were going to have breakfast but they were too busy singing to each other.
  4. My pimple cleared up overnight.
  5. I found a top new with tags at the back of my closet
So I'm feeling great, people. Again. To be honest I'm always in a good mood but today I nearly feel drunk with it. So let me get off this darned computer box and enjoy it, alright?


*** Strawberry season = AWESOME! ***
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