Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long weekend recap

We had quite the busy little weekend so I thought I'd highlight the most significant event of each day:

We saw The Fighter. I LOVED it. It's the kind of movie that wins but I'm still a huge fan of Inception. Here's your haiku...

Marky Mark boxes
Christian Bale jumps out windows
Boston accents WIN.

We saw Winter's Bone on the digital box. For a movie about people cooking meth, it was a sure cure for insomnia. And the accents were so thick that I only understood about 70% of what they were saying. Here's your haiku...

No winter, no bones
Drowse inducing drawls and drugs
Wake me when it's done.

Got into my first ever car accident. And no, I don't count the time I backed into my neighbour's parked car. This one could have been bad. I was on the highway in the fast lane passing a pépère. I checked my blind spot to see if it was safe to get back in and I looked up and the car in front of me had stopped dead in the fast lane.

I laid on the brakes with both feet and incredibly stopped our car enough that it only cracked the bumper when I hit the car. We didn't even lose any pieces and the guy in front (actually 2 teens) had no damage at all. We both pulled over and the kid admitted to me that he was trying to get over to the turn around spot to answer his cell phone.

Scott was such a sweetie. He kept telling me that even though I rear-ended the guy (making it essentially my fault), it could have been worse: the airbags could have deployed, the whole front end could have been crushed, I could have been hurt... I didn't tell him that in the melee, the box of Junior Mints I had on the passenger seat emptied all over the slushy floor. Now, that hurt. Anyway, the lovely man wouldn't stop hugging me and even made a joke about it at dinnertime. It's all good.

Family Day. It was -25C with the windchill and instead of going to a nice warm movie or boring warm museum, we found ourselves outside skating. It wasn't too bad, actually, but instead of skating the length of the canal like we always do, we skated halfway and had to turn around. Of course the way back was brutally slow and incredibly cold and the Westjet booth selling tropical holidays, booming reggae music, while lucrative on a day like yesterday, was like a slap to my icy cold face. I also learned that you can get an "ice cream headache" without the joy of actually eating ice cream. No fun. But while we're on the subject of eating, there's nothing like a warm Beavertail and a hot chocolate before you face those wintry winds. And at least the sun was shining.


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