Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm going through a lot of old blogs

For reasons that I'll share with you closer to the day, I've been asked to choose my 3 favourite Kaye Way blogs. How hard is this? Only 3? Out of over 1300 blogs? Seriously? It's killing me. There are blogs I wrote that are probably perfect but they are so lost in the sands of time that it'll take Dr. Alan Grant and Indiana Jones combined, years with one of those tiny brushes to dig them up. Then there are the ones I remember writing that, frankly, aren't particularly good or funny but they seem to be go-to blogs when I cast my mind back. So what do I do? I've asked for help sifting but it's so big a job that I haven't had much response (thanks Jenn!). I have a few weeks before the deadline so I'm still working hard. These Friday Flashbacks are quite helpful since it forces me search months and years I may have neglected. So thanks for being so indulgent. Here's another oldie for your patience!

It's perfect for today, a sunny day after a snowy one.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


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