Monday, February 28, 2011

Late blog today

Stands to reason since I went to bed late after watching the Oscars. I promise not to complain as the only other guest at my party watched via Skype live from London and didn't get to bed until 5am her time. Kathy, you deserve a medal.

Welcome to my Oscar blog. Let me start with Natalie Portman's dress. It was to die for pregnant or not. Colour, cut... I was drooling. In fact, I was so inspired I painted my fingernails the same colour this morning. Also, at one point Anne Hathaway was wearing a shiny blue dress that I couldn't stop gasping over.

And for contrast, I hated Cate Blanchett's dress. She looked like she was wearing the Evil Queen's mirror on her chest. And the colour was weird with disturbing yellow pukey patches on the shoulders. Just odd.

Everyone is saying the hosts were boring but my take is that it wasn't the hosts (I thought Anne and James were charming) it was the show itself. There were no surprises or no controversial speeches. The King's Speech won. There's a shock. Melissa Leo swore but it seemed like she had actually written it down in her notes so it wasn't too shocking. Yawn. When will they finally take my advice and whittle this down to 10 awards? Oh and for an interesting youthful twist, check out James Franco's twitter feed. He took some pictures and videos of the goings-on backstage that are a treat to watch.

So for something unique, something no other Oscar coverage has, Scott joined Kathy and me for the last hour of the telecast and here are his comments, completely without context. Just his side... make of them what you will:

  • Did he win? For what?
  • Any more of those chocolate thingies?
  • Oh you're kidding!
  • You both have bad taste. In husbands! Hahaha!
  • Uh huh.
  • She's losing it.
  • (in an announcer's voice) And the crowd goes wiiilld!
  • What?
  • Who was the host?
  • What the heck is this?
  • It's the decline of the American Empire!
  • Where are all the white kids? Oh, there's one!
  • Yeah.
  • There's a chubby one.
  • They're moving too much. like Stevie Wonder.
So that there was my Oscar coverage, warts and all. The party's over for another year and it'll be back to bloggy business as usual in the morning. Until then...


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