Monday, February 14, 2011

I like Valentine's Day

I love that most years Scott insists I don't cook dinner. Any day that allows me to order from a menu gets my respect.

Even though I know this "holiday" is largely made up and you can celebrate any way you want, I don't believe in giving presents to your kids today. They get presents for every other damned thing. Why should I shell out again? This should be a special day between you and your lover. I do have a friend who buys a bouquet of flowers for his only daughter every Valentines and I think that's sweet so I'll forgive him.

Anyway, this year Scott and I are spending our 22nd Valentine's Day together. Or as a Facebook "fiend" pointed out, 88 seasons (yeah, thanks for that Mikey). We try to do something special for the day but it always feels forced. As if our parents set us up for a blind date with people they met at church and thought were prefect. Awkward. Unless, of course, the day includes shopping or diamonds (or both) in which case I can be flexible.

So this year we're just taking the kids over to their favourite restaurant (Shoeless Joe's) then we're coming home to watch one of the Oscar movies on the digital box.

And you know what? That sounds perfect.

And just so we're clear, I love my husband and my kids to distraction. I know it, they know it. I tell them every day. Not just on Valentine's.


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