Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day!

Thank goodness for this government mandated holiday. Because if it wasn't for this day, I'd never spend any time with them what with being a stay-at-home mother and all.

So today we are doing a forced march skate down the length of the canal. No problem, right? Hey, it's sunny. Oh, but what's that? It's -25C with the windchill? And we'll be skating the whole length and back which is 15 long kilometres? Outside? Good times.

There's nothing I'd like better than to spend today in a nice warm movie theatre watching some 3D stupidity but it's Family Day and I think the government comes down hard on those who spend this hallowed of days paying more attention to the flickering glow of a movie screen than the flickering glow of the family heart. Or something.


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