Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This holiday is killing me

I don't think I'm kidding. Yesterday I was leaning on Scott's desk and my arm went numb. Just like that. I think it's all the sugar. I've eaten so many sweets since the holiday started, I think my blood is tuning to maple syrup. Quality Street chocolates, Pep, cinnamon rolls, candy canes and nearly 50 different kinds of Christmas cookies have been my undoing. From the way I've been packing it away you'd never believe I prefer savoury snacks during the rest of the year. I start off okay with a bowl of cereal in the morning then hummus and pita for lunch but between lunch and dinner I lose my mind. Every time Scott gives me a hug I feel like he's sizing me up for the slaughter. Well I'll show him. I'm 50% fat and very little meat. Not very healthy, buddy.

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