Thursday, December 31, 2009

My year in review

I was going to do the whole decade but frankly, I can't remember all the way back to 2000 without looking, and dredging out my old "hard copy" diaries is a recipe for disaster. A pyjama wearing, no shower taking, going without food, laughing at mouldy old jokes, living in the past kind of disaster. I open one of those things and you won't see me for days. So, let's look back at 2009, shall we?
  • I learned to swim
  • Scott and I watched all the Oscar nominees (a feat never to be repeated since they doubled the number of nominated films and going to 10 movies in 6 weeks is damn near impossible and will cost us an entire mortgage payment)
  • I worked 3 jobs, got fired from 2 and collected unemployment
  • I went to cupcake camp
  • I got my dragonboat paddle tattoo
  • I bought (and returned) a really expensive pair of custom made jeans
  • I discovered keyboard cat
  • I made those really cute hamburger cupcakes
  • I got a new QWERTY phone
  • I won a shiny new iPod touch form a radio contest
And we did all this together, people. Actually, I did it and you all watched. Which makes you guys kind of voyeurs. It also makes me a complete exhibitionist. It's a total win/win situation for all of us. I'm going to say it: you complete me. I love you all, peeps, Happy New Year. See you through all the weirdness to come in 2010.


Play the year out, Keyboard Cat!

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