Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Old folks ads

You know you are watching a television show aimed at an older demographic based on the commercials. When I watch Coronation Street, I'm inundated with ads for stair lifts, assisted living homes, adjustable beds, Grey Power insurance, clappers and stuff like that. Most of them are good for a laugh but one of them makes me say hmmm...

I kinda want the tub. The walk-in tub. It looks like it fits in the space of a regular stall but when you bathe you are sitting straight up. All I want is the occasional super long soak in water up to my neck. I don't have to be reclining. In fact lying down makes it harder to read or drink beer. So it makes perfect sense, right? Wanting this tub doesn't at all make me a closet geriatric. Nope.

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