Friday, December 4, 2009

"Next Blog" function

I've really been enjoying using this lately. I used to try it from time to time but within 3 mouseclicks I'd get a bizarre website that is:

  • formatted badly
  • too wordy
  • not in english
  • full of atrocious grammar
  • cursed with an irritating cursor (bubbles or paws or something equally ridiculous)
  • set to awful music that blasts my speakers out
Lately, though, it's been a ball. Sweet websites with kids' photos, tons of food blogs and helpful information. And in English. It inspired me. It inspired me to take down my own "food" blog (Home is Where the Cookies Are). The photos are awful compared to the likes of Pioneer Woman, I don't look forward to updating it and frankly all my recipes are borrowed. If I feel compelled to post pictures of my kitchen creations I'll put them on here.

I'll leave it up until the end of the year so you guys can steal recipes from it but as of the new year I'm streamlining and I'll take it down.

So I suggest after reading my blog today (this one not the embarrassing food one), look way up high and to the centre left and click "next blog". You never know what you'll discover. But just make sure you come back here Monday.

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