Thursday, October 15, 2009

Remember the time BK?

Before Kids? I barely do but what I can recall I look back on fondly. Most of the time. Scott and I lived in a tiny apartment right downtown where we could walk anywhere. And when we couldn't walk, we took his motorcycle or a taxi. A taxi, people! I hadn't learned to drive yet and we didn't own a car. Groceries were a scream (not that we needed much food). We'd take the motorcycle out together and Scott would ride back while I took a cab with the food. Those were the days.

We both had full time jobs and got paid well. Sometimes when we got home from work we went to a restaurant or a movie. On the spur of the moment, even. On the rare occasion that I cooked, my specialty was Minute Rice and chicken with a jar of Uncle Ben's simmer sauce on top. Voila! Sometimes I even made Hamburger or Tuna Helper. MmmmMMMM. Good times.

Since kids I've learned to cook (meh) and love baking. If I want to go out I make plans at least a week in advance. Scott and I haven't been out on our own in ages. The last time I took a taxi was 2005.

On the flip side, don't get me started about how terrific Christmases are with a houseful of kids. And everything is funnier when filtered through kids' weird little brains.

But I'd sure love to see my BK belly again. That is BK as in "Before Kids" and not BK as in the Burger King belly I'm looking at right now.

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