Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I could use a smoke

Okay, not really. I used to smoke and I loved it. I never wanted to quit but 14 years ago Scott and I had the conversation about starting a family and I nearly immediately stopped cold turkey. I smoked as much as half a pack a day for about 5 years. Relatively not that many but still enough to miss it. I still crave them and have the odd one a couple of times a year but I regret it immediately afterwards. Since quitting I've maybe smoked about a pack. That's pretty good in nearly 15 years. But I still want one really badly after a heavy meal.

Anyway, my former habit isn't the reason for today's blog. I'd like to talk about smoke breaks. Some of my co-workers indulge and I have to say I'm super jealous. Not of the smoking per se (okay, just a little) but of the legitimate chance they have to stretch their legs and walk, then sit out in the sunshine for 5 minutes and relax. Siiiigh!

We non-smokers need a "thing". A reason to get up from our desks every hour or so to take our heads out of the tasks we have to perform. Of course the winter and rainy days change things but on a nice sunny day, how great would it be to just get up and sit outside for 5 minutes?

So when you guys come up with that valid, plausible reason for a 5 minute break every hour, message me, 'k?

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