Thursday, January 1, 2009

Small town love

No matter what you say, Ottawa is a small city. Oh, it tries to be big with it's aloofness, business centre, art galleries and rush hour traffic. Bless 'em.

But it's a small city. We have crappy mass transit, you can drive from the airport to anywhere in town in 20 minutes or under, coyotes and deer often wander into town and make the 6:00 news. But that's not what I want to use to prove my point. What should I use to prove my point that Ottawa is a teeny tiny town? The fact that Ottawa has had 10 murders in 2008. Ten.

That's not to say that there haven't been traffic accidents or other tragic circumstances that caused death. But Ottawans have lost their minds and purposefully taken another life only ten times last year. I know this is going to sound callous but how cute is that?

I once told my friend Kathy about this phenomenon a while ago. One 6-murder year when she was living in Miami. She told me that there were 6 murders in her apartment building that morning. Now she was joking but still. I think that makes this town quaint and safe. And a lovely place to live and bring up children. And still get a decent pair of Louboutins. If you can afford them.

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