Thursday, January 15, 2009

Forty-one pairs

I just got through cleaning out my shoe closet. And yes, I have a shoe closet. I wanted to pare down a little and donate the ones that I don't wear anymore or find too unfashionable. I tossed out about twenty pairs, leaving me with only 41. And that doesn't count the boots. I have 7 pairs of those.

I'd much rather buy a pair of shoes that cost $15 and lasts 2 years than a $100 pair that lasts forever. Why? Because I'm fickle, that's why. I'll definitely hate the shoe I buy today tomorrow. So why pay a ton? Now, of course the above statement won't count when it comes to my someday Louboutins. The $800 I'm willing to spend would be an investment. Not in my kids' future but in my future happiness. Sigh.

Why so many? Well I'm not a guy. I can't get by on one pair of dress shoes, one pair of sneakers and one pair of sandals. It's positively barbaric. This is the way women think. Guys, listen up. Let's take simple black shoes for example. I have (and need):
-a strappy pair of heeled sandals (for summer)
-2 pairs of heeled pumps: 1 leather, 1 suede
-2 medium height heels: one leather wedge for every day, one kitten heel (look it up)
-a pair of ballet flats
-a pair of black Converse
-black flipflops
-a pair of black water shoes


Anyway, check out the shoes I dumped. Audrey will try them on first then off they go to charity letting the rest of my shoes stretch out a bit. Then I need to think about filling the new holes created by my charity. Oh, the work that needs to be done...

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