Monday, January 5, 2009

I love hockey today!

Can I just say that I love a good exciting hockey game? I swear, it's the best, most exciting sport out there. And I can say that because it's my blog. There is no better sport in existence.

Saturday night Scott and I watched the Canada v. Russia World Junior Championship semi-final. The game that would see the winner play Sweden for the gold medal. Holy crap, I don't think I've ever seen a better hockey game. They went back and forth with the scoring until the Russians were in the lead 5-4 with 5 seconds left in the game. Then a cute little boy named Eberle (I say this because they are juniors and old enough to be my children) scored with 5 seconds left in the game. We were beside ourselves with joy. I dion't think I've ever screamed so loud. No score in overtime led to a shootout where we won it. Fantastic!

At the risk of boring you guys even more, I have to say that junior hockey is so much more exciting than NHL (which is pretty cool in its own right, to be perfectly frank). I just hate the idea of bloated millionnaires chasing the puck just to earn the oversized novelty paycheque I wanted when I won the 6/49. These junior boys just play for love of the game with grit and heart. They're still in high school for goodness sake. Some are already draughted into the big leagues but most will never make it. This is their hour of glory. I hope they enjoy it while they can. Because soon they'll be sitting behind their desks in the public service while their former teammates date models and buy ridiculously expensive mouthguards. I hope they remember how much joy they brought us back in the day.

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