Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I feel so dirty

Right now in Ottawa we are enduring a transit strike. I've been vocal in my distaste for the striking bus drivers, saying they should run at least one crosstown bus for people who can't get around or maybe have transit declared an essential service like Toronto or Montreal so they'd at least have to run the buses at rush hours. That's what I say out loud.

But deep down, a little part of my heart is singing. See, we have a car. Almost every day Scott and I left it behind and took the bus to work. Now, because of the strike, I get to drive every day. Heaven. The only down side is that I haven't listened to my mp3 in over a month. The upside? No transit related panic attacks, no standing on a moving vehicle, no one stepping on my feet, no more having my face jammed into stranger's damp armpits because of my diminutiveness, no waiting for a bus that doesn't come, timely arrivals at home, no searching for bus tickets, no 15 minute walk to and from the bus stop...

That evil, secret part of me wants the strike to go on forever. I know. It's so wrong...

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