Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey, here's something new

As I've often said here before, you guys know everything about me. Good, bad and ugly. It becomes harder and harder over the years to give you all a new nugget of information about me. Especially one that can be read by mixed company. I recently realised my manager, any potential bosses, and anyone that I send an email to (it's in my signature) can read my craziness. So I can't put in the time I ate the (hee... can't go there). Or the time my pants (forget it...)
Anyway, this I can tell you. This is new and cool and won't get me fired. This is good. Ready?

I was in a movie with Kiefer Sutherland.

You read that right. I forgot all about it since it was almost 25 years ago. I remembered about it when I saw an old photo of the day my friend and I spent as extras. And no I'm not posting it. Remember? The aforementioned bosses et al.?

The movie was Crazy Moon. The year 1987. Doesn't that sound like the start of a Sophia Petrillo story? My friend and I won tickets on a radio station to be extras. The filming would take all day and later we'd be treated to a concert by the amazing band Rational Youth. You'd need a time machine to see how big they were in Montreal in the late '80s.

Kiefer was super nice to all of us and shook hands, gave autographs and took photos with everyone who wanted them. Back then he was actually more famous for being the son of Donald Sutherland but dammit, I wish I'd let down my Montreal-cool for 5 seconds for a photo with him. We just never thought he'd ever get that big. Ha-doy. Say it out loud.

The plot was pretty goofy. Typical Canadian movie of the times. It was about a dorky kid (Kiefer) in love with a deaf girl. That was pretty much it. Our part was to rock out in a club while Keifer showed the girl how to dance using the force....I mean the beats from the speakers she could feel. They must have filmed the little scene of Kiefer and the girl (Vanessa something and really deaf btw) walking past the tables in the club to the dance floor at least a million times. I was for sure getting my face on the silver screen. To my surprise when we finally got to see the movie, the entire scene from start to finish was about 10 seconds long and no Karen to be found. Damn. There went my claim to fame. At least the Rational Youth concert was great.

Thank goodness I'm still a superstar in my own mind. No shortage of self-esteem here. At least I dodged the dreaded fame bullet. All those people are completely nuts, highly spoiled and embarrassingly rich. Two out of three ain't bad. Right? Guys?
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