Friday, January 9, 2009

Hey, I never mentioned my New year's resolutions

Well, I don't make any. I usually just break them and disappoint myself. This year I did make a vow to get more active over the winter, though. I tend to save my exercise and fitness for the summer what with dragonboat, jogging and biking. In the winter I do nothing. Less than nothing. I bake, eat, wear bulky sweaters and hide in the house until the temperature reaches above 10C. This unfortunate habit makes the first few times I get out in the summer a sweaty, stroke provoking endeavour.

So on Sunday I'll start weekly swimming lessons and Monday night will be my first yoga class in over 2 years. I also want to do my pushups again. Maybe situps too.

So you won't see me skiing or snowshoeing anytime soon. I loathe outdoors in the winter. You may find me skating on the canal, though. I can't resist those hot chocolate and beavertail shacks.

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