Monday, October 6, 2008

Bob and Doug live in my boys' room

Okay, they're in gerbil form but there you have it. Yesterday the Kaye's headed to the pet store and bought gerbils for the boys. Bob belongs to Henry and Doug is Elliott's.

I wonder about our sanity sometimes. I have Taz, Audrey has Coco and now the boys have Bob and Doug. And Scott has dander allergies. He really needs to put his foot down. He's such a softie.
We actually only bought Bob first (Henry had him named and begged for him for over a week). We had him bought, boxed and bagged and on a whim had the cashier throw in a gerbil book so we could learn all about him. No Monkey style mistakes for me this time. It made me laugh that the book was more expensive that the gerbil but that was neither here nor there. Once we got back to the car and started to drive away I flipped through the book and saw that gerbils are social animals and should only be bought in pairs. That led to an illegal u-turn and a trip back to the store for Doug, so named to go with Bob (natch). Elliott could care less about the name, frankly. Good 'cause it makes Scott and me giggle. So Bob and Doug are happily installed in the boys' room in their new habitrail. The gerbils, not the boys.

So wish us luck in our newest animal adventure. The book says that these should last about 4 years. With our luck I'll be happy if they last until Christmas.

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