Friday, March 21, 2008

Well, my Easter weekend started with a death too

Monkey didn’t make it. He lasted even less time than the 9 month marathon life of Betty the beta fish. We were so careful about changing his shavings every weekend. We even bought a huge bag of cedar shavings to make his cage smell awesome. Unfortunately no one told us that aromatic cedar is poisonous to rodents and in a matter of days he was gone. Why the hell do they sell it at the pet store if it’s poisonous to half their stock? Grrrr...

Anyway, Audrey was beside herself and cried for about half an hour. When she was through we discussed planting a garden in the backyard with all Monkey’s favourite veggies. Cucumber, lettuce, carrots and celery. Audrey wants to make a plaque for it that says "Monkey’s Garden". She also wants to let the wild neighbourhood rabbits (of which we have tons) eat from it and not chase them away. I wanted to make it go away so I told her we could get a new rabbit right away. She said she wanted to be sad about Monkey for a while. Isn’t that mature? I’m so proud of the way she’s handling this.

Hope your Easter weekend is less deathy than mine. Except for that whole Jesus thing.

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