Thursday, March 13, 2008

The great debate... yes, it’s about HSM again. Sue me.

So Elliott asked me one day to make a choice. Would I rather go to the High School Musical school (East High) or Hogwarts (Harry Potter’s school). He thought he knew the answer. In fact I thought I knew the answer. Of course it would be East High. But wait. I have to think.

At Hogwarts you have kids wandering up and down the halls with potion textbooks, wands and pointy hats. They have cliques but everybody in the same house is on the same level. Magic.

East High seems like a typical high school. A typical high school where the kids routinely break out into song but a typical high school nonetheless. There are cliques like a typical school... cool kids, jocks, freaks, brainacs, etc. Which means the cool kids (ie: the ones who sing) would never in a million years be my friends. Ever.

So, looks like Hogwarts wins by default. Wingardium leviosa.

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