Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good Morning!

For 25 more minutes, anyway...

This past Sunday Audrey and I went to see High School Musical the Ice Tour. What can I say? If Audrey wasn't into it, I'd have found some little girl to take or showed up on my own like the crazy cougar I am. The show was unbelieveable. They did HSM for the first half then HSM2 (my personal fave) after intermission. Nothing was missing except for the pesky dialogue and Zac Efron. But if he could excecute a triple lutz like the guy who played him Sunday night, he'd be the perfect man.

My figure skating background (did I ever mention that I have one? Remind me to tell you about it) came out and I kept wanting to clap after each Arabian and Axel but being the only one aware that they were skating really well, I sat on my hands after the first number.

We had great seats very close to the ice and I only managed to part with $10 for a slushy. Yes, I see the irony of buying a plastic cup of snow at an extortionate price after driving through 52 centimetres of the stuff but what can I say? I was in the moment.

I got lots of illegal photos and videos but I won't bore you with all of them. Okay, just one of them.


This is "Troy" and "Gabriella" kissing. You can't hear the retching noises Audrey was making at this point.
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