Monday, March 24, 2008

Hey people!

Happy Easter Monday.

Well it looks like Jesus isn’t the only one who had a reprieve this weekend. Who knew that when I went to a going away party Saturday for a co-worker that I’d come home with another rabbit for Audrey? I told my friends about what happened to poor Monkey and my boss who gave him to me in the first place said the second one was still at her house. She had just had an arguement with her daughter that morning saying that if she didn’t get rid of this second rabbit, she’d send it to the SPCA. In comes me. After a quick call to Scott to make sure it’s okay, I followed my boss home at the end of the evening and came home with another rabbit care of the "Easter Bunny". This one is a brown girl bunny that we named "Cocoa" (short for Chocolate Bunny... get it? Easter? Well, Audrey thought it was clever anyway).

Please pray for this one. We hope to have it last at least until Christmas. Wish us luck.

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