Friday, March 28, 2008

Did no one notice?

Hellllloooo? Just writing a blog now. At the end of the day. Hey, if no one’s going to notice, maybe I’ll do this all the time. Do you realize I write each blog in the morning before I leave the house for work? Sometimes even before breakfast? During the hustle and bustle of getting the kids and myself out the door, ready for the day?

Today the schedule was different. The kids were home (Another pd day? Are you kidding me?) and so was Scott. But he had a meeting at work that started at 9am. My work started at 9:30. He needed the car and since my work is closer so... auuuugghhh... long story short, I got a lift to work. But we were rushed and I was early. Forty-five minutes early but who’s counting? We need 2 effing cars. The long and the short of it was there was no time for blogging this morning. Then I had to go to the gym, then drive back to work to pick up my sunglasses, then drive a playdate of Audrey’s home, then eat 3 doughnuts then check my emails... now I’m here.

And since this blog is so interesting to you who are not inhabiting my pants right now, I’ll end this on a high note. Have a lovely weekend. I’m back as normal at the regular time Monday morning. Do something interesting this weekend and tell me all about it. I promise I’ll have a better blog than this dreck next week. Especially since some of my blogs will be posted from Merry Olde. See ya.

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