Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So I’m sitting here at work...

And I realized haven't blogged today. Ooops! How can I abandon my peeps? Thank goodness I can blog from here.

This morning was odd because we're having yet another snow day because of the dump we had overnight. That's the second snow day for the kids in 3 days in case you're keeping score. Monday I stayed home as I was nursing a slight cold and, frankly, I wasn't too motivated. Today the snow was crazy but I got Scott to start the car and clear off the driveway before he went back to bed so I was able to fishtail my way to work only 30 minutes late. Kevin (my trainer) cancelled for today so I'll stay here an extra 30 minutes to make up for being late. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the flexibility of this job? Awesome. I heart Boomerang.

So anyway, here I am, data entrying away... well blogging actually but I'll be getting back to work as soon as I'm done here. Hope you have a pleasant snowy day today and I'll have an awesome blog tomorrow. I'm cooking it uop right now but I'll give you a tantalising hint... it has to do with Archie Comics. Yup. it'll be an instant Karenworld Klassic (don't you hate when people abuse the letter "K" like that?)

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