Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things that make me happy

This list also includes things that make me laugh...

-great tv commercials (see Knorr ad below)
-people falling down (yes I'm immature)
-watching someone who doesn't realize they're being watched (Hmm. Perverse too)
-one lonely shoe on the road (I like coming up with the story behind it)
-the Shopaholic books
-The Birdcage (when Agador falls down I piss myself every time. Oh, and I hate Val)
-being tickled
-Neil Patrick Harris
-my family
-Archie comics
-floods (the pants not the natural disaster)
-those door stopper thingies that are like springs with white plastic doohickeys at the end. When you toggle them they make a noise that I can't resist laughing at.
-Christian Louboutin shoes (look right... achingly beautiful)
-the smell of Vicks
-the Mythbusters (mostly Adam... hubbahubba, and yes, I'm aware of how geeky that is)
-Star Trek (the Next Generation, please. Captain Picard ROCKS)
-the taste of cough medicine

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