Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things that piss me off

-People who make plans and cancel last minute
-Political debates that pre-empt my tv shows
- Bosses that don't appreciate what their grunts do... do they not realize that their businesses would go down the tubes without us minimum wage slaves? Don't get me started...
-Kids who disrespect their parents
-tiny bones in fish
-dry skin
-McDonalds orange drink
-being cold
-noisy toys
-the desire to eat a dozen doughnuts in one sitting
-crappy grammar (unless I'm the one crappy grammaring)
-slow internet connections
-hunger (mine. Sorry, world)
-standing up on public transit
-being broke
-people who smell like cigarette smoke
-broken convenience appliances (dishwasher/washing machine/dryer/tv/computer...)
-tv shows that are needlessly complicated with time-travelling plotlines and circular logic. They make me feel like I'm just not that smart. Yes, I'm looking at you, Lost.
-fiddly things
-flavoured lip gloss
-traffic. Aaaargh! I'm still getting over missing my last dragonboat practice of the year because of some truck vomitting its load on the highway. I was beside myself when at the practice start time I was still in my neighbourhood.

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