Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

I love Thanksgiving! Because I do I couldn't say no to the 2 invitations I got for meals with friends and family. Usually Turkey Day invites are potlucks (the hostess never wants to get stuck cooking everything... "what up" with that? I would if I was ever allowed to cook)

Anyway, yesterday I made 4 pies (2 blueberry and 2 apple) and today I'm making 4 loaves of french bread. So you'll have to amuse yourselves with a tiny blog today. This ad made me giggle last week:

Overheard on a radio commercial:
"Thanksgiving is not a holiday. Aruba is a holiday. In Aruba they don't complain about the colour of the gravy. They just smile and ask you if you want another Mojito... you know, Thanksgiving could use a holiday in Aruba."

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