Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Just testing

18 Jan 06 Wednesday
Just testing...
Well I set up this account yesterday to see what this blog thing is about. So far so good and staking out a teensy part of the internet just for myself is right up my selfish little alley. You wouldn't think a mum of 3 could be selfish but here I am.

I haven't decided how to theme this blog but "they" say to write what you know. Well, I don't know much but I do know the weird stuff that happens in and around my house and family everyday so maybe we'll start with that.

Today was a rainy day. Very rainy. Not too strange in April but it's mid-January. It was cold enough last night for ice to form and this morning it rained like crazy. Needless to say the schoolbuses were cancelled. Two-thirds of my kids (Elliott and Audrey) go to school around the corner so mean old mummy took them to school anyway. Trying to explain to them that today would be a half-assed day (in less colourful language) didn't help too much. Especially when Henry "gets to stay home".

I'm supposed to hate this warmer weather caused by global warming, aren't I? I have children and their future is at risk because of greenhouse gases, right? Well, even though I was born in Canada and have spent less than 2 months of my entire life in tropical climes, I love, love, LOVE the hot weather. I can't help but get a frisson of delight when the weatherman (-person) predicts above zero temperatures in the winter. I should feel sympathetic when I see my my mailman Serge practically break his neck on my cement front steps. Instead I feel the hope of Spring. I should feel frustrated when my kids come home soaked to the skin even through their snowsuits but instead I feel positively giddy with delight. I know I'm supposed to worry about the environment but if I don't get to wear my damned flip-flops soon I'm going to lose it. I'm worried about the environment of my feet being in boots, shoes, socks and slippers all the time. Not to mention the lack of attention my polish-free toenails are getting. Hmph.

Ottawa banks on it's winter festival called Winterlude. It happens every February and it really is a ball. There is skating on the Rideau Canal, beavertails, hot chocolate, shows, snow and ice sculptures, ice mazes, the whole kit and caboodle. You have to celebrate winter or you'll go nuts in this city. Anyway, one year Winterlude was washed out. They called it "Waterlude" that year. Everyone was talking about the lack of revenue, the loss of tourism, the failure of an annual institution and all I could think was "WOOOHOOOO bring on the flip flops!" Was that bad?

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