Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm having a mental block

I'm at a loss today about what to write. Ordinarily I'd just forget about blogging today but I made a promise to myself that I'd write a little something every day. Anyway, I owe it to my reader. My one and only lonely subscriber Jenn (Hiya Jenn! Love you loads!! ).

So just for Jenn, I've decided to talk about everything I know about Vermont (without googling). Ummm... I always picture it looking a lot like eastern Canada (but with American money). They have the same weather as us and the leaves change in the fall too. Err... they have maple syrup but not as much as Quebec. Newhart was set there. Funny show. I get all my favourite hats hand knitted from Vermont. We had a ski trip to Killington when I was in college. I didn't go. As I've said before, I'm not a winter person. And I'm sorry, Jenn, that's it. I guess I need to get schooled.

Yikes! I just checked Wikipedia and the most shocking thing about Vermont is that it's almost all white! 96.2%! I have to see this for myelf. Those people obviously need a little local colour and who better than me to slowly integrate them into other cultures? You see, I've often been told I'm an "oreo cookie" (Black on the outside, white on the inside) so they'll get the accent and attitude they're used to in a lovely little Black-girl package. Totally non-threatening. So Jenn, where's my invite? I'm ready to rock your world.

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