Friday, January 20, 2006

The good, the bad and the internet

I've spent some time this morning surfing around trying to find some tips on writing a blog. After about 30 minutes, I've decided I'm doing okay on my own and will just soldier on the way I've been going. Why freak myself out?

The internet can be a weird place. There's just so much information out there! Once when Elliott was about 2, he showed an amazing affinity toward octopuses (octopi?). I thought it'd be a kick to show him what a real octopus looked like. I log on with my baby on my lap, I google the word "octopus", I hit porn. Whaaaa? I quickly throw my kid off my lap and try leaving. Of course it's one of those sites that just reloads when you press the back button. The internet is depraved.

Then there was the time I hadn't seen my brother in ages. When I finally laid eyes on him he looked so weird! His eyes were swollen and buggy and he'd gained weight. He did not look well. After he left I input his symptoms in a health website and emailed him the results. He took it to the doctor who diagnosed him with a thyroid problem. The internet saves the day.

A few weeks ago my husband Scott felt absolutely lousy. He googled his symptoms and thought he was dying of lymphoma. We both spend an awful night worrying ourselves sick until he went to the emergency the following day where they told him it was nothing. The internet scares the shit out of people.

Take the internet any way you will but don't take it away from me. As a stay-at-home-mum I love reaching out to friends and family. If I'm honest I'd much prefer sending a quick email to a friend than talking in circles on the phone. And this blog thing? Pretty cool. Even though I may not be following the internet "rules".

Oh, and I just checked at and "octopuses" and "octopi" are both right. Ha! The internet is as useful as ever.

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