Thursday, January 19, 2006

How honest are you?

Okay, so there's a contest on one of my favourite radio stations (Hot 8.99... the only one in town that plays hiphop). You email them your phone numbers and the drive home dj calls you, asks how long you've been listening to the station throughout the day and they give you $100 an hour for every hour up to 8 hours. Very easy money and you can bet they have every phone number I've got.

Here's the deal. They have absolutely no way of checking. None. But you wouldn't believe the number of people who are being honest about the hours they've listened. One woman even admitted to only 4 hours! Four hours!! Out of a possible high 8! Come on, people! Now let me be clear. The morning djs have almost so much as (but not outright) said that you can say that you've been listening the whole time and they have no way of knowing. Again I say come on people! What's the deal? Would you tell the truth? They're expecting people to lie, aren't they? Isn't it implied by the nature of the contest?

So here I sit at 3:30pm, waiting for the magical hour of between 4-5pm when Kenny B. is going to be making his call to some lucky Ottawan. If and when he calls me, I'm going to say I've been listening since 6:30am when my alarm clock went off. Is that true? It sure is. What time did I stop listening? Truthfully? After the third time they played "Don't cha" by the Pussycat Dolls. How long was that? I'm not telling.

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