Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wow, was I ever crabby yesterday

I think an apology is in order for yesterday's blog. As you can see from the sunny smile on my profile, I'm usually a very happy, positive person. The person that posted yesterday was so not me! But to be honest, when I am in a pissy mood, I revel in it since it happens so rarely. Scott, on the other hand treats me like I have SARS. Good man. We've been together for almost 18 years and he knows how to deal with me.

I tried to cheer myself up by baking some banana streusel cupcakes but it didn't work. My head was still splitting and my mood was still foul. Then I realized I had to make dinner so I made chicken wings. The kitchen was a wreck. Scott came home and saw the devastation and my mood and what did he do? He set the table, constantly asked if I needed help then cleaned up the kitchen when we were done eating. How did I reward him? Did I throw my arms around his neck and cover his face with kisses? Did I apologise for being such a raging bitch? Nope. I grumbled out a mumbled "thanks" and went to bed at 8:30. Classic Karen behaviour.

So today I'll bake a batch of his favourite chocolate chip cookies and when he gets home I'll throw my arms around his neck and you know the rest. For being such an awesome husband and knowing when to leave me the hell alone. He deserves it.

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