Monday, January 30, 2006

Another rainy January day?!

Oh, come on now...

I have previously posted about how I love this new warm winter weather stuff and how global warming could be a boon to the pedicure industry but this is getting ridiculous. It's raining again. And the schoolbuses are cancelled AGAIN. Elliott and Audrey go to a nearby school and they walk but Henry goes by bus and is home for the third time this year. Luckily I actually like playing Candyland (just once, mind you), and Memory (twice is my limit there). Later we'll probably make Valentine's Cookies.

Can I just brag about these cookies for a second? I hate those paper valentines you get at the store. You see one "Be my Valentine, man!" Bart Simpson valentine and you've seen them all. Boring! Last year I wanted to try something different. I made each child in each of my 3 kids' classes a personalised pink heart-shaped sandwich cookie. It was one of those ideas that sounded fun and easy but ended up being a huge pain-in-the-ass project. Especially since each cookie was actually 2 3-inch cookies frosted together and decorated and the kids' names had to be piped on.

Anyway, they came out gorgeous but of course now I can't just go out and get a gross of Spongebob valentines. Nope, the kids (and okay, I'll admit it... I) want to show off my cooking prowess to this year's teachers and students. So today I'll start making the first batch of 60 cookie valentines. Yikes. At least I'll have help from "home from school" Henry.

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