Monday, May 5, 2008

Morning kiddies!

I'm feeling pretty happy this morning despite the fact that Elliott had an allergy attack (I medicated him and sent him to school anyway) and I can hear Audrey coughing from the other room (she'll get her puffer today). Thankfully Henry's still in bed. Not only that but Scott's in Paris right now. He called yesterday and had the gall (get it?) to tell me that most of his co-workers took their wives and that the weather was gorgeous. He's so lucky that I just got back from England. Sort of. Is it totally evil to have actually preferred the trip alone to see my friend than a trip for a week with my husband? Just the 2 of us? For a whole week? It is evil, isn't it? See, this is what happens after 20 years.

Besides I got to go to 2 dragonboat practices. One at a pool Saturday and one on the water Sunday. Finally! I was so thrilled. It was rainy, cold, windy and pretty much miserable but you couldn't see a sad face no matter how hard you looked. We were so pumped. So this is the start of about 4 practices a week for my 2 teams. I'll have a back like the Incredible Hulk by the time the festival gets here at the end of June. Hulk smash!

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