Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I wasn’t last!!

Okay, I'm not sure how long this marathon stuff will last so you'll just have to put up with it for now. Let me chew on this one for a while. At least until the pain in my legs goes away.

So I messed around on the National Capital Marathon website and found out a few things:

1) I wasn't last! This one was big for me. Because after actually finishing this thing, my second goal was not to come in last. As you can see in a few Facebook photos, Heather and I are completely and utterly alone. We looked ahead and saw no one as well as behind. Just crickets. Turns out there were sixteen people behind us. The next people were 2 minutes behind us and the very last person came in about an hour after we did. Whew.

2) I came in 3224th place. Keep in mind there were 17 people behind me

3) I also came in 1165 out of 1215 in my category which is women aged 40-44

4) My pace was 10minutes 33seconds per kilometre

5) It took me 1hr 39min 25seconds to walk 10k; 3:33:07 to walk 20K and 5:08:16 to do 30K and of course, 7:21:55 to finish the full 42.2K

I want to thank Meredith from Ogdensburg who kept me company for the first 18K. She dropped back because she was feeling sore and dropped out somewhere after 30K. I'm so sorry she got so far but didn't finish. I wish I could contact her to tell her that.

I also want to thank Heather from Yonkers who walked with me from about 30K until the end. After we passed the finish line I lost her and never got the chance to thank her for spurring me on at the end. She's in a couple of my Facebook photos.

The volunteers at the event were awesome. Long (loooong) after the elite runners were finished, they stayed out to encourage and cheer us on. Granted, there weren't that many but there were a few.

I got my first sunburn! This is really something for me. I can't stop rubbing my shoulders. The skin on there feels like it's been slapped. A bit sore but nothing too bad. I've definitely got some (more?) colour.

So there'll be at least one more of these posts when the official photos come out but don't worry, it won't be too bad. Now I'm off to work. I hope they'll be indulgent with my limping and non-stop blabbing. Not to mention wearing my medal all day...

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