Friday, May 16, 2008

May 2-4 Weekend! Or Victoria Day to you purists

Well, the first long weekend of the summer is here and before you all start planting, opening your cottage, setting off fireworks or barbequeing (Of which I'm doing none) I'd like to think about the reasons why it's called May 2-4 weekend.

Maybe it's because most often the Queen's birthday is celebrated on the 24th May. But I think we just go by the second-last-Monday-in-May thing so this year it's on the 19th. Or maybe it's to celebrate a large case of beer which we Canadians call a 2-4. Whatever, we get a holiday. And as I've taken today off work, I have a 4 day weekend to boot.

It's supposed to rain this weekend which'll spoil the abovementioned bbqs, cottaging, fireworks and garden planting (not so much the beer-drinking, though) but I had planned to spend it indoors anyway. Elliott wants to take his friends to the badly reviewed Speed Racer for his birthday party. No problem. I'll be in the arcade waiting for them and playing Dance Dance Revolution. Loot bags will be cool... a microwave popcorn pack, tiny pop can, jujubes all in one of those plastic popcorn boxes. Sweet. I rock when it comes to loot bags.

Anyway, have an awesome weekend. Enjoy the outdoors (or indoors) and have fun whatever you end up doing. Oh, and Ontarians, the cops are out en force so watch your speed. And for the love of god, don't drink and drive.

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