Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today the gang and I are going to the beach

Granted it's not the ocean but a river, the sand's a bit grainier, there's no surf (remember that band Nada Surf?) and it's not even sunny today but Delaware be damned. We're going. This place sells poutine.

Actually, an old friend of mine is in town this week and we're getting together there. Nina and I lived down the street from each other when we were kids in Montreal. She was always really outgoing even back then and always scared me a little. I had never met anyone like her. Now that I've got a little of the get-up-and-go myself, I'm anxious to see what she's like now. We've been out of touch except for the odd email for years and I haven't laid eyes on her in 11 years.
So, I've got to get my disorganised butt in gear. No more computing for me until later. Have a great day whatever you get up to.

Smell you later,

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