Friday, July 28, 2006

As I think I've posted here before, I love surveys

Now before you start sending me those good luck ones that involve asking every detail of my private life, I mean online surveys and polls from companies. I get them in my inbox and do them all the time.

So when the opportunity arose to become a "Nielsen family" I jumped on it. Of course it's not the cool tv version that I'd hoped for but something about tracking my purchases. Sounded cool anyway. I purchase. Often.

Well, my equipment arrived yesterday and I'm rethinking this whole thing. I have to input every single item that comes into the house. Clothes, Automotive services, prescriptions, everything. When we do groceries, we often buy 70- 100 items. Each one has to be scanned and the price has to be punched into a little handheld device. It takes me forever to put the groceries away as it is. It's one of my most hated jobs of the week. And to be honest, I'm a true capitalist who breezes through the store never noting prices until the checkout. So now I have to fiddle through every single thing I bought looking for the barcode and punching in the price from the receipt? I don't think I even take the receipt. Uh Oh. I'll tell you what. This'll either change my buying habits or Neilsen's going to get a rude awakening when it comes to the Kaye household.

Turns out we don't buy as much stuff as I originally thought. Um. Yeah. Ahem. Hey, at least there are prizes...

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