Friday, July 21, 2006

I hate the word "biweekly"

How can the same word have two entirely different meanings? Scott and I were talking about car payments (the happy fact that we don't have any) and the fact that a car we saw on tv for "$250 bi weekly". Scott was saying it meant every 2 weeks and I was saying it meant twice a week. It turns out we were both right. A rare and happy occurrence.

Even still, it's irritating. How can something mean both twice a week and twice a month? It makes no sense. Wouldn't bi-monthly be a better word to use if that's what you mean? Do people not use it? The English use the word "fortnight" to mean 2 weeks. That's a great word. Then the car could get paid for fortnightly. Sounds like you're spending less money, doesn't it? I love the British.

Another word pet peeve I have is "next Monday" vs. "this Monday". To me, you can't use both to mean the Monday coming up. You'd say "this Monday" to mean the Monday coming up and say "next Monday" to mean the Monday after that. It's simple to me but again I'm the sole inhabitant of Karenworld and as such am the only member of its grammar club. Everyone else says "next Monday" to mean the one coming up and it drives me bananas.

Rant over. Have a nice weekend and see you this Monday.

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