Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy 7th Birthday Kristina!

From your "Auntie Carrot". I hope your mummy sees this. If she does, tell her to please put a comment under here!

Kristina was born in the states but has lived in England for quite some time. As a result she's got the most gorgeous accent you've ever heard. Much cooler than the fake one Madonna puts on.

Kristina's birthday reminds me of how much I dislike the "birthday song". It's never begun at the same time so everyone's out of tune and it's always way too slow. It starts to sound like a breast beating dirge which, as you get older, can be a horribly depressing foreshadowing of another time when family and friends are gathered around to celebrate your life.

I say let's come up with another song we can sing for birthdays. When Jack Black was on SNL they had the right idea but it was way too long. And let's face it, crazy. In Quebec we used to sing "Gens du Pays" which, besides the fact that it's all in French, so not international, isn't really a birthday song. Too politically charged.

My vote? A lovely little song by Sharon Lois & Bram. It was on one of their birthday records. Here are the lyrics:

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday we love you
Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come true
When you blow out the candles
One light stays aglow
It's the lovelight in your eyes
Where'er you go!

Now isn't that pretty? Short, sweet, to the point and most importantly, peppy no matter how slow you sing it. I've been trying for years to sing it at my kids' birthdays but it's not catching on. Come on, people. Help me spread the word!

Incidentally, my 39th birthday's coming up in 16 days so feel free to sing it to me then. I wish I could help you out with the melody but I can't find it anywhere online. If you know me personally, call me up and I'll warble it down the phone to you.

Have a fabulous day and just to give you ample warning, 5 months 'till Christmas.

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