Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another successful shopping day

And this time it wasn't even for me. Yesterday on our way to watch Scott play hockey we stopped at a local sporting goods store to get his skates sharpened. They had some bikes outside for sale and Audrey and Henry took them for a spin while we waited. It turned out they were used and super cheap so I went back today and bought them. They needed bikes anyway and the prices were so right ($40 and $50 respectively). What else could I do?

So this morning we went on a long bike ride and I'm again shocked by how wonderful this city is for bike riders. Ottawa is lousy with bike paths. I did some research and Ottawa has over 170kms of paths around the city. If you had the time and inclination you could easily get all around town on a bike rarely having to run into a car (either literally or figuratively).

We rode only about 10 minutes before we got to a gorgeous treed path with only the sound of crickets and birds to keep us company. Even Henry noticed how quiet it was. We saw Monarch butterflies (Elliott argued that they were Viceroys but what do I know?), horses at the equestrian park, waterbugs at the stream, goldfinches... the list goes on.

Want to have a nice afternoon with the kids? Come to Ottawa and try our gorgeous bike paths. You can stay at my place. I have a Monarch/Viceroy coloured spare room.

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