Monday, March 31, 2014

Today's blog post prompt

Was to go to the body of the posting area, right click then press the "paste" option. Then we are to write about what comes out. I was curious to see the last thing I copied. Would it be a recipe link? A touching video of a woman finding her adoptive mother? A sensitive poem about love and loss? This is what came up:


I looked at it for ages before I remembered why I wrote, then copied that. Get ready because it's pretty geeky.

I follow Ottawa Comic-Con on Facebook and last night they posted their logo with the Vulcan hand greeting in the centre of it, saying that they would have a special announcement today. Naturally I was hyperventilating as I typed "omg" in the reply box. Unable to type it as many times as I needed to express my glee, I copied and pasted these three expressive letters over and over in the reply box while breathing into a paper bag. Okay, that last part isn't true but trust me, I was pretty pumped.

So that's my copy paste story.


PS: Just to let you know, the announcement was that Leonard Nimoy would be attending via Skype. It's a coup because he doesn't do conventions anymore. Squee!

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