Tuesday, March 18, 2014

@ 2:01 today I

Was blurry.

Actually I was dealing with customer service. Is there anything more annoying than being on hold for 40 minutes listening to Kenny Loggins, Journey and Air Supply? Just never you mind that I have them on my iPod. It's not the same when it's through your land line and you are waiting to put someone on blast. Then your heart leaps when All Out Of Love is interrupted, thinking it's finally your turn to demand a replacement for your Visa card that's expired and why do you guys wait until the last minute to send the damned thing? I want that steampunk corset for Comic-Con for goodness sake... only to hear an automated: "Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line to keep your priority in the queue."? Seriously, nothing makes me feel less important. Argh!

Anyway it's sorted but that's the joy of today's 2:01. What were you doing around that time?

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