Tuesday, March 11, 2014

@ 2:01 today I

was doing what I usually do after work. Watching cartoons while practicing the ukulele. Believe me, I needed the down time. Work today was... how can I put this? Busy.

It's March Break and my co-workers who are mums of students are bringing in their kids. Ostensibly it's to keep them occupied but our days are becoming Preschool Idol. Today we had a visit from a huge turtle named Toby, a teenaged tapper and Elliott blowing out eardrums with his bagpipe.

Where else but Canada would you see a half Black kid playing an instrument from the Middle East by way of Scotland in a Jewish school?

To continue the show week, Audrey will be coming with me Thursday to play Let It Go on the flute. So with not one but two talented kids, I win. Just saying...


PS: It behooves me to add that Henry is very talented as well but his parlour trick of being able to name the NASCAR vehicle, driver and sponsor of any random number shouted at him across the dinner table doesn't translate into those valuable Idol votes.
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