Tuesday, March 4, 2014

@ 2:01 today I...

Was just looking at the cat. Wow... that was so boring but entirely true. Not even petting her, just looking at her gorgeous fuzzy face.

On another note, I took a photo driving to work this morning (from the passenger side, don't worry) of a woman driving while doing the most incredible thing. She was eating a danish. Now, before you say: "Hey Karen, everyone eats danish in the car! What's so incredible about that?" Well, I neglected to mention that she was using a ceramic plate. I kid you not. She was operating the car with a ceramic plate balanced on the fingertips of her left hand while she ate the thing with her right. While operating a moving motor vehicle. She may have been a squid. Or a superhero.

But who does that? Why not get the danish in a piece of wax paper like everyone else? Was she some sort of celebrity or royalty? If so, why was she driving herself? Scott and I were cracking up laughing that she had a cup and saucer of tea in the passenger seat. It was all too funny. In a way. I mean it was rush hour with tons of cars and kids crossing the street going to school. What would she tell the cops? 

1. I was trying to be classy
2. But I wasn't born in a barn, officer
3. This is how they served it at the drive-thru window at the Gilded Truffle
4. It's the plate from the hospital cafeteria... What?

Well done, idiot. Breakfast fail.


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