Tuesday, March 25, 2014

@2:01 today I was...

trying to figure out how to use Scott's computer all kitted out with Windows 8. My other one was so loaded down with viruses and popups that everything lagged like you wouldn't believe.

Remember when, in order to mail a letter, you had to first look for a pen and paper, write the thing, look for a suitably sized envelope, write the address on the outside, look for stamps (inevitably you'd only have a weird amount of postage and you'd have to lick like 5 of those penny ones), then you'd have to put boots, mitts, a hat and coat on... especially if your spring has been like mine.. then you walked 10 minutes to your mailbox and dropped it in, hoping it would be received at the other end by the end of the following week? Remember that? Well I barely do. Because when this video:

was choppy day before yesterday, Scott just deleted the whole hard drive and rebuilt it. In a day. Whew. Now I can leave my boots off and email again.

Ah technology.

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