Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh, time change, you scamp.

I'm not one to complain about this because it means summer is coming. You couldn't tell from the weather but you sure can from the light at 6pm. Plus we get that hour back in a few months anyway so what's the big deal? We don't have toddlers that will wake us up at ungodly hours anyway (more's the pity sometimes) so the inconvenience manifests itself in other ways.

The non-computer clocks in the house. What a pain in the ass. The thermostat, the light timers and the myriad of little clocks and watches you didn't even realize you had. My god, even my electric toothbrush has a flipping clock. And those are the ones that are a total nightmare to change.

The sheer fright you feel in that moment when you see the time and forget that there was a change. That happened twice in the car today. Now there's a clock that I'll forget to change for weeks. I got in it this morning at 5:45 and freaked out for a second when I saw that the car said 4:45. Now what the hell kind of time is that to go to freaking bootcamp?

I also had a mini stroke as I was leaving work. I glanced at the clock and saw that the time was 12:40. Naturally, I thought that I had forgotten about staying for staff lunch coverage and left without telling anyone. If it wasn't for the time change, I wouldn't have had those nauseating refreshing rushes of adrenaline.

Then there's suppertime. Yesterday I didn't even start until about 7:30 because I wasn't hungry and the light in the sky was telling me it was too early to even consider it. So we had sandwiches. My mother would have been so proud.


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