Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pssst! Wanna see my boob?

Perverts. It's actually my hand as I was replacing my phone in its holster my bra. I must have pressed the shutter accidentally and the shot was taken from the inside of my top. You can see my classroom through the buttonhole in my shirt. 

I have a new phone that's so bloody big that it doesn't fit in any jeans pocket so the only place I can keep it is my bra. Yes, I know some people say that you can get cancer from doing that but I think it's those same people that say you can get radiation poisoning from watching your popcorn spin around in the microwave. 

Anyway, it really looks dumb crammed in there... 

See? Proof. Ugh.

so I'm looking for ideas. How do I carry this phone around? Fanny pack? Leg holster? Fascinator? How do I keep my phone closeby while I'm wandering around the school keeping on keeping on? Ideas?


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