Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photo dump!

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for you, my new phone syncs magically with my pc so I thought I'd share a bunch of stuff I took over the holiday. Have fun metaphorically rifling through my undies...

The last selfie I took.

Henry as Jack Nicholson. This was taken to illustrate our height difference. He's 5'10 at 14

Henry with an Archie photobomb

Two seconds after the previous photo

I was just pressing buttons. I found one that takes the picture when you say "cheese"

The boys

Sleepy girl

Game night with the neighbours. Monopoly. I was the cheerleader. I hate Monopoly

My freckly, mustachioed baby

Christmas dinner isn't complete without a cracker

Audrey is less than impressed with my favourite Xmas gift. It's a working tv remote

Again with the face. So many selfies with this goof.

My pretty girl

Elliott showing off one of his gifts

Christmas haul


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